Our production is placed 6O km south of DRESDEN. 

We install and import houses up to a distance of 1000 km.

The company is based in the Czech Republic

Since 2016 we have delivered more than 50 houses in Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The most popular model among customers throughout Europe.


Important informations

Even though the Dubldom's house is quick to deliver and build, it is necessary to consider your local conditions for a similar type of buliding.

Here are few points to think about


Here you can see a sample DulbDom offer for a long distance, without ground screw and steel foundation.

First step for your new home:

Visit the Demo house!

To arrange a tour in the model house, please contact us at cz@dubldom.com; for customers from far away we have prepared the possibility to stay overnight in the model house for a fee.

WhatsApp  +420 608 836 128

DD 77 is located 60 km south from Dresden in north of Czechia.



email: cz@dubldom.com

WhatsApp - +420 608 836 128


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